Manshu Khanna 曼殊 肯纳

Assistant Professor, Peking University HSBC Business School

I work on a broad set of problems related to markets, mechanisms and society. My latest research informs design of matching mechanisms, bargaining protocols and affirmative action schemes.

Research Fields: Market Design, Microeconomics, Experimental Economics

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Beyond Dividing the Pie: Multi-Issue Bargaining in the Laboratory

with Olivier Bochet and Simon Siegenthaler

Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming

Ungated Manuscript     Replication Archive

Working Papers

Non-Standard Choice in Matching Markets

with Gian Caspari

International Economic Review, revise and resubmit

Last updated: May 2023

Affirmative Action's 3-D Rounding Problem

with Haydar Evren

Last updated: July 2023

Affirmative Action’s Connected Apportionments

with Haydar Evren

Last updated: September 2023

Work in Progress 

Incontestable Assignments in Matching Markets

with Inácio Bó and Gian Caspari

Accuracy and Complexity of Preference Reporting Languages

with Rustamdjan Hakimov

New Perspectives on the Deadline Effect

with Olivier Bochet and Simon Siegenthaler

Just Affirmative Action

with Uzi Segal